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Tony G. Smith

Tony's Portfolio

American Express

American Express Personal Loans product needed to overcome a misconception by cardmembers that it was taboo to ask the brand for money. The campaign resulted in a 42% increase in loan applications by positioning the product as an empowering tool to thrive in the moment.

Belize Tourism Board

Transforming Belize into a top destination for adventurous travelers, leading to a significant boost in its tourism industry and GDP growth.

Great Clips

Great Clips' 'Back to School' campaign successfully repositioned haircuts as a key element of childhood coolness, boosting customer count by 8.6% and app downloads to 5 million, by tapping into parents' nostalgia and emphasizing children's confidence for academic and social success.


Logitech's "'Play' is a Universal Language" campaign, promoting their Pro Line gaming equipment, dispelled the 'nerdy' stigma of gaming and achieved a 124% sales growth by showcasing the fun and stress-relief aspects for gamers of all skill levels.

Meow Mix

Meow Mix's 'Puurfect Together' campaign garnered over 1 million impressions and 55,000 shared cat portraits, empowering cat owners to celebrate their bond with their pets.

The White House

The 'Online for All' campaign bridged the digital divide by enrolling 18.5 million households in affordable high-speed internet, saving them $500 million monthly.

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