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Belize Tourism Board


Belize is one of the few nations without any chain hotels or all inclusive resorts. For most Americans choosing travel based on Instagram likes, travel adventure is usually scripted and manufactured, giving everyone the same story without any of the authenticity.

The Problem

Four hundred times smaller than the United States, the tiny country of Belize was being overlooked by travelers. Belize needed to establish and grow a tourism-based economy powerful enough to beat the odds against tourism heavyweights in the Caribbean and Mexico.

The Strategy

Redefining the audience for Belize from tourists to travelers - adventure seekers who seek the unknown and desire the mystery of uncharted territory.

The Results

Today, Belize is the fastest growing destination in the Caribbean. Overnight arrivals saw a double digit increase for three years in a row. So many tourists have traveled from the US and Canada that the nation’s government saw an increase in GDP they attribute directly to the campaign.

See full case study here:


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