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Tony G. Smith

Hey, I'm Tony!

I’m a journalist at heart, driven by a love to unravel hidden truths through scrappy and creative research.  My track record boasts the creation of impactful brand strategies for industry giants like Microsoft, Netflix, Applebee's, Great Clips, and American Express.  Beyond building creative strategies, I love workshopping with companies to build positioning platforms rooted at the intersection of data and culture. 

My diverse career journey  includes being in the Air Force, writing reviews fro a Los Angeles entertainment  website, sitting on a trading desk at a hedge firm and teaching consumer research and journey mapping classes at Miami Ad School. All of these experiences helped shape my storytelling career by providing me with a wide variety of perspectives on human motivations and behaviors. 

Outside of advertising, I love do create digital content through short-form videos and mini documentaries,  host a podcast which allows me to tap into my moderator capabilities and use my commercial drone pilot license to help small businesses tell their story. I am also a  proud member of the Chamber of Commerce, a dedicated committee member of Maria's Voice, and an enthusiastic hack golfer. 

Tony G. Smith is an experienced brand strategist and consumer researcher, including qualitative research and moderating focus groups in the Minneapolis area.
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