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Short Films

Los Angeles Beerfest

Innovation Fair 


My curiosity and hunger to share stories with others led me to become an amateur documentarian. Armed with nothing more than an iPhone to film and a MacBook to edit, I have created numerous short films for clients, co-workers, and friends. Although these examples are a little rough around the edges, my guerilla research approach allows me to uncover the story beneath the surface to share greater cultural insights.  All projects shown here were filmed organically, without a budget, when inspired by a story that scratched more than just the surface.


The Insightful Observer can carefully piece stories together your storyto become both memorable and emotionally compelling. I have a passion for making a story become larger than life, often through humor that fuses in appropriate clips from pop-culture.Should your project need a more polished look, I will provide the appropriate camera and microphone set-up.

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