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Belize “Kriol Pre-Roll” digital spot


Brand Strategy

I help brands find their North Star which sets them apart from the competition and create a deeper connection with people who matter most. Services include reviewing your current platform or even building it from scratch to ensure your vision and mission match the needs of your current audience. Creating meaningful connections with people well before and after they require your products or services is what makes the difference between a good brand strategy, and a great one.

­­Qualitative Research

The best way to understand your current and potential audience is to observe them in their natural environment. “If you want to understand how a lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle,” – a mantra I’ve always lived by. Conducting meaningful stakeholder interviews is an effective way to ensure a brand’s vision is aligned before diving into consumer research. After all, data is the oil of the 21st century; and if you’re serious about driving your business goals forward, you’ll need strong intuition to attain new sources of knowledge

Video Production

People crave and seek out stories that resonate with them. And if your brand has a compelling story that comes together through the harmony of music, visual design, and editing, you’re leading your audience through an experience that would be hard to forget. I especially enjoy dissecting content and then delicately sewing it together in a storyboard that fits each frame like a jigsaw puzzle.

Creative Briefing

One of the most important aspects in strategy is writing a brief that is both on-brand and compelling to the consumer. By fusing the intersection of cultural insights, unique brand offerings, and consumer desires, I develop briefs that pack a powerful punch of inspiration for your creative and marketing teams.

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