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MLB Celebrate Sunday

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Major League Baseball was trying to get more families to watch and attend baseball games together.Their new campaign entitled MLB Sundays needed to connect with audiences who thought Sundays were only meant for football. 


No longer America’s national pastime

In an age of short attention spans, baseball’s slower pace was not gaining the traction of younger fans.  With the average age of an MLB TV viewer at 52 years old, MLB needed to find a way to draw in younger fans who currently viewed baseball as slow and boring.


Baseball moments are cherished more than any other sport

From the smell of hot dogs to the sounds of the crowd screaming after a walk-off homerun, baseball is a multi-sensory experience that has moments worth the wait. People of all ages can discover memories that will last a lifetime by looking at everything that surrounds the game.


A holistic experience that creates memories to last generations

A national TV spot that that showcased baseball’s most electric moments and excitement that any fan can find enjoyment in.

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