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Logitech provides some of the best tools around for gamers to play PC games. In 2016 they launched their new Pro Line of gaming equipment specifically designed to help gamers of all skillsets get the most out of their performance.


Only gaming nerds buy devices to help them play better

Although over 150 million Americans play PC video games, 95% of them have never bought a gaming device to improve their play. Adult gamers still had the stigma of being nerdy, and buying into it meant that you simply weren’t cool. 


We invented the science for everyone to find enjoyment 

As gamers have aged into career driven adults, Logitech wanted to show people that gamers are all around us.  By using the wrapper of Play, Logitech showcased how its products could help all types of gamers have more fun as a relief to the stresses of adulting.


It’s OK to indulge your desire to play more

Showcasing gaming as an acceptably fun activity that everyone partakes in behind closed doors to make gamers give into their desire to Play More.

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