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Great Clips

   Great Haircut Sale 





Great Clips is the largest hair salon in North America with over 4,200 store locations. The annual Great Haircut Sale is a loss leader promotion to drive new customers trial of the brand.


Cheap haircuts are only for cheap hairstyles

When a salon discounts its prices too low, people question the quality of the haircut.  Great Clips had to get people with all types of hair to believe that their service would not be sacrificed with an unbelievably low-priced promotion.


The invitation your hair can’t pass up

We had to make The Great Haircut Sail feel like a welcoming invitation to all types of hair.  Great Clips stylists can handle the exact same hairstyles that come into fancy $100 salons without overcharging. 


We make all hair look great

By exciting people of all types to see The Great Haircut Sale as an invitation they couldn’t pass up, were able to disrupt the discount haircut advertising space to create buzz with lapsed and new customers.

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