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boys & girls clubs of america




BGCA is not viewed as an urgent need to help build a better tomorrow

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America was looking to increase donorship from both corporate sponsors. BGCA ranked far behind immediate-need charities like The Red Cross and Children’s Hospital.  People did not see the long-term benefits BGCA provides in preventing billions of dollars in American tax spending by improving high school graduation rates, lowering incarceration rates for inner city youth, and teaching healthier lifestyles to fight against the obesity epidemic


BGCA bridges the gap between school and home

The hours between 3-7 PM are the most dangerous for school children because nearly 30 million of them have no supervision between school hours and when their parents get home from work.  Crime rates triple during these hours while homework is often forgotten, creating a gap in youth development.BGCA is the safe place that provides children every opportunity to succeed. 


3:00 Became our rallying cry

Creating awareness to 3:00 PM as the trigger for a better future in America helped increase participation and donations for BGCA.  This TV spot was part of a larger campaign that launched during the Major League Baseball All-Star game.

Agency: CP+B Los Angeles

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