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Belize “Kriol Pre-Roll” digital spot

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Belize – Awarded Gold from The Ad Fed Show 2019


Belize gets lost in the shuffle of tropical destinations

Most Americans seek warm weather and adventure when booking travel destinations.  Unfortunately, travel adventure is usually scripted and manufactured, giving everyone the same story when they come home without any of the authenticity.  


Belize is for travelers, not tourists

Everything in Belize is authentic and real, creating a unique experience for all. Having no chain restaurants or hotels, travelers are encouraged to go beyond the beach with locals who love to share exceptional stories. Belize is a curious place that has more adventure to find for those who dare to do something different. 


Amplifying Belize’s unique culture to break through the clutter

Using YouTube pre-roll, we took the few seconds of time to introduce the unique culture of Belize to people in the “search” stage of travel planning.  By casting locals, we were able to showcase authentic Kriol music that drove viewers’ curiosity towards a travel destination unlike any other

Agency: ICF Next (formerly Olson)

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