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Who is the Insightful Observer? 

With a pedigree in Journalism and Behavioral Science, I enjoy investigating the underlying truth that often goes unnoticed. Uncovering genuine insights from your audience starts by gaining a better understanding of who they are as a person rather than just a consumer. Using the “method” planning approach, I start by outlining how we can immerse ourselves in the environment and lifestyle of people who matter most across their entire journeys towards the purchase of your product or service.

I’m addicted to understanding human desires and behavioral psychology – and that’s the reason I love research so much. It amazes me how finding the right insight can be so rewarding for brands financially and consumers emotionally. I want to help your brand become better connected with the right people, by observing what your competitors have overlooked.


Implementing my forensic style investigative research allows your brand to gain deeper insights. There is so much more to find beyond the surface of quant surveys and secondary market research through proprietary data that will help people develop a relationship with your brand. I rely on being scrappy to capture what is happening beyond just quantified research through clever qualitative methods your competitors overlook.


Following in the footsteps of great researchers Morgan Spurlock and Martin Lindstrom, I’ve gone undercover as a server at Applebee’s, a beat reporter for the LA Clippers at a fan rally, and a cat owner at a dog park to collect genuine observations that are raw and unfiltered. I’ve taken the show “Undercover Boss” and turned it into part of my methodology to better help my clients. Beyond in-the-moment observations, I enjoy playing detective during ethnographies and focus groups – digging beneath the surface to find hidden truths.


  • Writing of discussion guide

  • Defining audience psychographics and demographics to recruit

  • Audience recruiting

  • Filming/recording of qualitative research

  • Editing of consumer insights video

  • Audience profiles

  • Journey Maps

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Competitive audit and report across digital and social mediums

  • Defining your brand platform

  • Creative briefing for your marketing team

Career Credentials

I’ve worked with nonprofits, spent years in the military, and have fully submerged myself in the marketing business. Suffice it to say, I’ve got a pretty diverse background that allows me to bring an especially unique perspective in helping clients develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with the people who matter most. For nearly a decade, I have developed brand strategies for clients that include Applebee’s, Great Clips, Major League Baseball, Microsoft,Best Buy, and The Belize Tourism Board. Currently, I’m an adjunct teacher at Miami Ad School with a corse on qualitative research, helping educate the next generation of brand planners. My love for qualitative research fuels my desire to be resourceful and scrappy in finding quick, meaningful ways to observe your audience’s needs and desires. I’ve worked at agencies across all regions of the United States and have built a large rolodex of acquaintances I can tap when looking for product loyalists to interview. My nine years of experience in the Air Force taught me the importance of paying attention to every detail, no matter how microscopic to ensure nothing gets overlooked.


University of Minnesota    
Miami Ad School


Better Business Bureau
Guggenheim Partners
Air National Guard

Agency Experience

CP+B Los Angeles
FCB Chicago
Periscope Minneapolis
ICF Next Minneapolis

Personal Background

I’d like to think I’ve gained a diversified understanding of both culture and people. Perhaps I can thank my wide range of activities and hobbies for that. When I’m not working on curating brand strategies, you’ll probably find me playing sports across both rec and fantasy leagues. I also enjoy the art of playing poker mostly because of the strategic thinking and observing that goes into every hand. And though it may sound nerdy, I have a huge love for trivia in a variety of categories. Especially sports, Seinfeld, and 16th century art. Okay, you got me; maybe not that last one. But I’ll take baseball trivia for 1000, Alex.


Recently, I have taken up boating and golf as a way to enjoy the beautiful Midwest summers. Beyond enjoying some fun in the sun, I have a strong appreciation for red wine, 80’s music, dogs, and art deco. Most of my friends consider me to be the documentarian of the group because I enjoy capturing moments and editing fun videos that are delicately sewn together with appropriate tone and enticing content.


One of my lifelong goals is to visit every stadium in MLB, so far I have 16 checked-off my list. If I'm not on the west coast enjoying the beach, I am often found at coffee shops stuffing my ears with The Dan Patrick Show or a Freakonomics podcast.  

My home base in Minneapolis, splitting time between Arizona and the Los Angeles area. 


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