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Great Clips

   Back to School





Great Clips is the largest hair salon in North America with over 4,200 store locations. The Back to School campaign is its largest marketing push of the year, with millions of students looking for a fresh cut before their school year begins. 


Procrastinating parents wait until school pictures for haircuts

Back to School shopping is the second busiest shopping time of the year; second only to the holidays.Parents are stressed out about finding and buying everything on their children’s “back to school” list.  The ‘it’s time for a haircut’ trigger used to be school pictures; social media, however, is now the modern-world yearbook, making first day of school photos just as important.


Getting off to the right start at school is just as important socially as academically

That first day of school can create impressions that stick with students the rest of the year.  We wanted to remind parents of their own childhood by showing howlooking good can be a confidence booster in starting off the school year right. 


It’s a jungle out there, only great haircuts survive

Using a parody of classic National Geographic jungle survival documentaries, Great Clips showcased how the first day of school is very important to social survival. 

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